Yoga Classes

Have you been feeling tired, out of shape, and out of breath? Have you felt lost, confused or disoriented in your daily life? Do anxiety and stress consume so much of your time that you can’t find a moment for yourself? Practicing yoga can help with all these things and much more.

Let Audra lead you through a series of soul soothing and muscle relaxing poses. Feel your worries melt away. Take a moment to pause between poses. Focus on deep, slow breathing. Feel the connection between every breath and every muscle in your body. Stretch your arms, your legs, your feet, toes, fingers, neck. Feel your body opening to the beauty of the world. There is no separation between body and soul. There is no separation between you and the universe. Let Yoga With Audra take you on a journey towards self-discovery and fitness.


Personalized Experience

With private and group lessons beginning every 6 to 8 weeks, you’re always going to find what you’re looking for at Yoga With Audra. Audra’s years of training have given her the skills to customize her curriculum to your needs. If you have mobility issues, illness, or chronic pain, Audra will build a class just for you. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to become a new person? Her deep passion for teaching will inspire you to open yourself to the possibility of transformation.


The Many Styles of Yoga

From the more intense vinyasa and Bikram yoga to the many styles of Hatha, Audra has training across the board. At Yoga With Audra she teaches a combination of therapeutic-style yoga, restorative yoga, and gentle yoga. Though she works mostly in the style of Hatha, her classes sometimes incorporate the flow and continuity of vinyasa. Great for beginners looking to try it out, and experts who wish to push the limits, Yoga With Audra’s classes have something for everyone.



Yoga is not just an exercise. It’s not just a way to burn calories or build muscle. And it’s definitely not a competition. Throw away your preconceived notions about fitness, health, and sport! With yoga, you will discover the deep connection between your mind, your body, and the wild chaos of the universe that surrounds us all.

The whole idea behind yoga is to discover a sense of wholeness and balance in your soul. Through yoga and meditation practices it’s possible to shut out all the distraction and confusion of daily life. With practice, your true self will appear. You will be able to get a grip on the self, on your body, and on the world at large. Let Yoga With Audra lead through the first steps of this journey.

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