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I enjoyed a beautiful yoga practice

Oct 02, 2018 by Josie. G

I enjoyed a beautiful yoga practice with Audra this weekend. It is a gift to myself to practice with her. You never know where the practice is going to bring you as Audra puts her heart and soul into her yoga sessions. That is the beauty of it - to cherish and enjoy the ride. My practice gave me everything I needed. Namaste ??
Josie. G

Beautiful start to my week

Oct 02, 2018 by Paola

Yoga with Audra is always a beautiful start to my week. My Sunday morning practices are a way to let go of the negativity of the previous week and to set up the positivity for the upcoming. The hour is always filled with great physical challenges as well as beautiful spiritual messages that fulfill what I’m looking for in a yoga session. Audra is an amazing instructor and I’m grateful to get to spend an hour with her each week. Paola

I've been converted

Aug 04, 2018 by Kassandra

I tried yoga a few times over the years-different instructors,different venues...but I never enjoyed it, I never really GOT it. I didn't see what all the fuss was about, I figured yoga just wasn't for me.
But my "one last shot" with Audra changed all that. She has a way of connecting with people,and her way of teaching the practice of yoga has such a smooth flow to it , it's easy to follow her cues...I'm still just a beginner but have noticed an incredible difference already in myself- my balance,my strength and also my newly learned ability to calm and ground myself through my breath and the practice of yoga. It's had such a positive impact on my body and mind outside of her class as well, her lessons carry over ...I'm so glad I started with Audra and am looking forward to continuing

I'm feeling so much better!

Aug 03, 2018 by Pauline

Thank you for helping me start my “day one” Audra! The weight I’ve loss has been a goal of mine for the longest time: “if only I could lose 10 lbs.” and it finally happened!! Without it being a reason for starting yoga!! It came as such a pleasant surprise for me! I’m feeling so much better and have so much more energy and stamina than ever before. I’m conscious of my breathing and posture as I move through my days. One of the biggest things is that I’ve developed the discipline to do yoga on my own-at home! I’m so thankful for the new me!

I feel alive and hopeful

Aug 03, 2018 by Julia

I deeply appreciate being able to attend yoga with Audra. When she asks us to think about our hearts, and our feelings, and simply breathe into them, I feel safe. I also feel alive and hopeful, as this seems to fulfill my needs for peace, inspiration, and authenticity. Thank you, Audra, for you, your teaching style, and for allowing me to share my gratitude!

I always feel warmly welcomed

Aug 03, 2018 by Stephanie

I always feel warmly welcomed in Audra's class. She is heart-centered, so the yoga not only tones my body, it nourishes my soul and leaves me with a sense of joyfulness. I believe that Audra teaches yoga the way it should be taught: from the vantage point of spirit.

Love your class!

Aug 03, 2018 by Brenda

Love your class - I get a great stretch which is much needed and walkout completely relaxed and ready to start my day


Aug 03, 2018 by Arlene

I am a newcomer to the Yoga Scene and consider myself lucky to have had Audra instruct me in Private Sessions. She corrected me - as I needed to be corrected when my posture was wrong - for she genuinely wished me to benefit from the whole "practice". She custom tailored the sessions and not only is my body benefitting, - I find that my spirit is as well. I am calmer, and less stressed than I have been in a long time. THANK YOU AUDRA - YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!

You're a natural!

Aug 03, 2018 by Catherine

I remember the first big class you gave and to this day I still think you\'re a natural...your words soft and soothing brought me to a much-needed state of relaxation and the movements flowed so effortlessly...I can\'t wait to attend another!

Attentive and dedicated!

Aug 03, 2018 by Helene

Though i have not attended your class I did train you! And in that training, I was able to witness your lovely growing teacher soul. You are attentive and dedicated to being the best you can be as a knowledgeable and aware teacher :)

Yoga with Audra , USA 5.0 5.0 18 18 I enjoyed a beautiful yoga practice with Audra this weekend. It is a gift to myself to practice with her. You never know where the practice is going to bring you as Audra puts her

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