Find Health and Wellbeing With Therapeutic-Style Yoga

IIt’s no secret that yoga is good for you. The slow stretches and precise movements. The deep breathing and increased blood circulation. The time to pause, become mindful, and find inner balance. And unlike other physical exercises such as running, there are next to no negative side effects.

Therapeutic-style yoga takes these health benefits and pushes them to the next level. It caters to the poses and movements to those in need of physical therapy. It’s the perfect activity for people who are suffering or recovering from illness, surgery, or injury, as well as those who have mobility issues and chronic pain sufferers. The classes are open and welcoming to all!

Audra has spent the last years honing her practice of therapeutic-style yoga. Yoga With Audra is the perfect choice for people in Saint-Laurent to achieve their health goals. She’s had so many successes that by now it’s difficult to count!

What Is Therapeutic-Style Yoga?

Similar in principle to other types of yoga like Bikram and vinyasa, therapeutic-style yoga emphasizes slow movements, calculated breathing, and holding postures. The major difference is that the types of poses and their sequences will be catered to each client’s needs. By customizing her practices in this way, Audra can address the health requirements and restrictions of each client.

For example, some clients need the slow, extended poses from restorative yoga. These poses slow down the body, opening it up by means of passive stretching. In some cases, there may be barely any movement at all in a class! Restorative yoga can also be used at the beginning or end of a more intensive session to warm up or cool down.

In many cases, Audra will use props in her sessions at Yoga With Audra. These can be used to support your body during poses. Because they reduce unnecessary strain on the client’s body, they are frequently used with clients who suffer from chronic pain.

The basic idea is that one size does not fit all. With private classes and group sessions that run for 6 – 8 weeks at a time, Audra can address many different needs at different times.

Can Anyone Do Therapeutic-Style Yoga at Yoga With Audra?

Yes, everyone is welcome! We do not discriminate. Therapeutic-style yoga is the perfect activity for people in need of physical therapy, but it’s also good for everyone. Many people who spend all day sitting at their desk don’t technically need therapy. But their lack of exercise can make mobility difficult. For many of our Saint-Laurent clients, yoga therapy has helped them get back into shape. Plus, the slow pacing has helped many of Yoga With Audra’s clients gain a sense of wellbeing and balance.

At the end of the day, it’s all about you. Our goal is to boost your confidence and give you the feeling that anything is possible. By lowering the anxiety and stress that can hold you back from achieving balance and inner peace, yoga therapy will bring you closer to the true you.

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